Our services

Solar Panel Cleaning

Your Solar Panels would typically need cleaning every couple of years and is something we highly recommend. Keeping your panels clean will help keep then at maximum efficiency throughout their life span. Our experienced engineers have the equipment to clean most panels without the need for scaffolding, helping keep your costs down. Contact us for a free no obligation quote.


Bird Mesh Protection

Once installed it is very important to protect your panels and wiring from any unwanted visitors. Our Bird mesh protection will protect your system against all types of birds, squirrels and anything else that may want to nest or cause a nuisance under your panels. From experience we know that nesting under solar panels can be a stressful experience, not only from the damage it cause to your solar system and the costs involved to rectify this but also the mess and noise this will create. Contact us for a free no obligation quote.


System maintenance

Pretty much all solar based products are self-maintained and require little to no maintenance, although environmental factors and time can lead to issues, most of which would only be spotted by an experienced technician. Our personalised health checks and maintenance plans ensure your system is working to its maximum efficiency. Drop us a message for a personalized quote.