LXP12000 HYBRID (Parallel)

  • 12kW EPS Output
  • 10 units Paralleling
  • AC Coupling Function
  • 3 MPPT Input for max input 18kW
  • Separated Generator Input
  • 200A AC Passthrough Current
  • PV Module Monitoring
  • Peak Shaving Function
  • Color LCD, Touch Screen


The Lux Hybrid 12kw Parallel unit is a single phase inverter. The maximum PV input is 18kw over 4 inputs with dual MPPT tracking. The unit have been developed to work with the Hanchu batteries.

The unit is capable of a charge rate of 12kw, discharge of 12kw and therefore a supply to the EPS of up to 12kw. This unit also has a separate input for a generator making it extremely flexible.

It is important to understand that a charge/discharge rate of 12kw is 250A which is above the capacity of standard batteries. Therefore if requiring the Max rate of 12kw for charge/discharge a combiner box must be used to create this amperage safely. Using the combiner box allows a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 16 of the Hanchu 3.2kW or 9.4kW Lithium batteries.

Without the use of a combiner box it is possible to install from 1-8 Hanchu batteries, however it is necessary to reduce the amps to 100A on the Lux controller, upgrade the batteries and install a 100A DC breaker to ensure there cannot be any overload.

The Lux Hybrid units benefit from all the same monitoring platforms available to the Luxpower range with all of the additional features such as Octopus Agile and Weather compensation for free.

Paralleling a unit is a way of linking more than one unit together, and selecting one unit to be the Primary unit with all others acting as subordinates. This way allows the units to better work together.

The Hanchu Combiner box is designed to work with the 3.2 and the 9.4 kWh batteries.

When using the Luxpower 7kw or 12kw Hybrid inverters, the current (amps) demand is too large for the batteries. Therefore a combiner box allows the batteries to be used as the combiner will add the amps of the batteries together and deliver the higher power through a single larger cable.

Whenever using the combiner box please check you have all the relevant instructions and wiring schematics to correctly set up this rate of charge and discharge.

A parallel unit is a unit which can be used as a single stand alone unit, or as part of a larger system. If more than one unit is being used, then they can be linked together. When linking them together they operate as one unit being the Primary unit with all other units operating as Subordinate units.

Where more than one unit is being installed in parallel the Primary unit is installed exactly like any single unit would be installed – using the CT clamp to measure the operation of the property, then the other units are changed (on the monitoring) to be Subordinate units, simply taking command from the primary unit as to charging or discharging.

Using multiple units in Parallel allows the units to work an be controlled from the Primary Lux unit, providing better communication between the units for more balanced performance.

  • 12 years warranty as standard – Can be extended to 20-year warranty
  • Allows 6 to 8 Hanchu Batteries – Using 100A Breaker
  • Allows 6 to 16 Hanchu batteries – Using A Combiner Box
  • Remote Upgrading – Firmware and parameter upgrading remotely
  • Free monitoring – For Mobile & web portal (PC)
  • Advanced Weather compensation programming
  • Octopus Agile Tariff Ready
  • Octopus Outgoing Tariff Ready
  • Octopus Go Tariff Ready
  • PV Module Monitoring
  • Peak Shaving Function
  • Colour LCD, Touch Screen display
  • Free wireless monitoring to Lux Platform
  • Max 18kw PV input
  • Max AC Current 50A
  • ENA type test listed
  • 12kw (240A) max charge/discharge
  • 12kW EPS Output
  • 6 units Paralleling
  • AC Coupling Function
  • 3 MPPT Input for max input 18kW
  • 4 string inputs
  • Separated Generator Input
  • Integrated DC switch
  • 200A AC Passthrough Current

G98 Certification

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Growatt Warranty Procedure

Growatt Warranty Procedure Download

Data Sheet

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