LXP6000 HYBRID (Parallel)

  • Max. DC Input Power: – 8000W
  • Nominal DC Input Voltage: – 360V.d.c
  • DC Input Voltage Range: – 100 – 550V.d.c
  • MPPT Voltage Range: – 120 – 500V.d.c
  • Start-up Voltage: – 140V.d.c
  • MPPT Number: – 2
  • Max. DC Input Current: – 12.5A/12.5A
  • Max. Short-circuit Currant: – 13.7A/13.7A
  • Max. Input Power Per MTTP: – 4000W/4000W
  • Max. Feedback Current to Array: – 0/0A


Lux Hybrid inverters are a powerful single unit solution for both solar inverter and battery storage controller combined.

The Lux Hybrid units are available single-phase solutions and are available in three different sizes – 3.6 (16A limited), 5kw – 25A and 6kw – 26A. Components required for installation and monitoring connection are provided with each unit as standard.

The Hybrid units are extremely powerful. The 6.0 Hybrid can have up to 8kw of PV panels attached although it is 26A limited. It can therefore supply up to 6.0kw of power from the solar to the load, and at the same time charge up to 4.0kw of power into the solar.

The excellent monitoring platform allows the customer to fully monitor and programme the system from smart phone, tablet using the App, or from a laptop or PC using the server. It allows for remote technical support and future manufacturer upgrades to be provided.

A parallel unit is a unit which can be used as a single stand alone unit, or as part of a larger system. If more than one unit is being used, then they can be linked together. When linking them together they operate as one unit being the Primary unit with all other units operating as Subordinate units.

Where more than one unit is being installed in parallel the Primary unit is installed exactly like any single unit would be installed – using the CT clamp to measure the operation of the property, then the other units are changed (on the monitoring) to be Subordinate units, simply taking command from the primary unit as to charging or discharging.

  • Using multiple units in Parallel allows the units to work an be controlled from the Primary Lux unit, providing better communication between the units for more balanced performance.
  • 12 years warranty as standard – Can be extended to 20-year warranty
  • Allows 1 to 8 Lithium Batteries
  • Remote Upgrading – Firmware and parameter upgrading remotely
  • Free monitoring – For Mobile & web portal (PC)
  • Advanced Weather compensation programming
  • Octopus Agile Tariff Ready
  • Octopus Outgoing Tariff Ready
  • Octopus Go Tariff Ready
  • Integrated EPS as standard – Maximum 13A Limited
  • Smart export control on both AC & EPS output
  • Max Charge & discharge rate of 80amps
  • Lightweight – only 25Kg
  • Quite operating noise levels – less then 25bB
  • IP65 rated
  • UK technical Support
  • Grid Share Incentive ready
  • Seamless automatic switch over – 0.01s

G98 Certification

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Growatt Warranty Procedure

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Data Sheet

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